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Μεσημέρι (mesimeri)
- midday

 We’re Alex and Alex, (there is no Mary). Hailing from Athens and the Saronic Gulf, we are deeply passionate about authentic Greek produce and ingredients, as well as wanting to showcase a fresh new take on the classics. Growing up both in London and Greece (girl) Alex has been desperately searching for the flavours of her summers, whilst (boy) Alex, having moved to London during the pandemic, came fuelled with a plan to bring classic Greek recipes into the 21st century. Messy Mary is a result of an absence of truly authentic Greek food (and coffee) in London, and the name a nod to ‘Greeklish’ culture. We hope you love our food as much as we do. 


Introducing Chef Alex

Growing up in Athens, Alex has worn many hats within the service industry, equipping him with a vast knowledge of the dishes and ingredients so many travel to Greece to taste. He moved to London in 2021 and worked his way up to head chef rapidly in a number of Greek restaurants, but always felt there was something missing. Alex feels the responsibility to do justice to the food we love, and here at Messy Mary we will be showcasing the most recognisable classics - as they should be, as well as introducing South London to Greek coffee culture. 


Greek coffee culture is one to be rivalled with. Our daily coffee ritual is a pillar of our culture, with Freddo Espresso and a slice of pie being a traditional on the go breakfast. After trying to track down a proper ‘freddo’ - ice coffee for many years, we’re taking matters into our own hands and making it ourselves.

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“Every plate is delicious, fresh and flavorful”

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Our opening hours:

We’re operating as a pop-up venue at the moment and are currently inside Feeling Food, but keep your eyes peeled here for more dates! 


Monday 8.30 - 15.30/SOLD OUT

Tuesday 8.30 - 15.30/SOLD OUT

Wednesday 8.30 - 15.30/SOLD OUT



We make everything fresh on the day - once it's gone it's gone! 

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